Get a job from this job board and earn a bonus

You did the work in getting hired, why let the head hunter get all the fee?

Candidates who have created a user account on The Last Planet job board and who are hired by an employer posting a job on the site, will receive a payment of 1% of their starting base salary. All you have to do is remain with the new employer for 90 days.

1. Adds: If you were to add five friends, and they were to add five friends, all the way out to your 5th orbit = 3,906 people in your orbits

2. Average Salary: Assuming you and the people in your sphere made an average salary of $87.5k/yr

3. Placement Rate: 5% of people in the US are going to change jobs this year

4. Annual Bonus: If 5% of your Social Sphere™ were to get a new job from our site, your bonus for this year would be $85,575

Your Annual Bonus: $85,575

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Your employer will NEVER know you are searching

Your identity on this job board will remain completely anonymous.

One of the most important aspects of this job board is the privacy it allows to candidates.

Your identity will never be disclosed to potential employers unless you approve it. Users are anonymous to other users. The only users who may know you are signed up are your direct referrals.

Potential employers will view your profile data only. No data is disclosed during the screening process that discloses the identity of the candidate. Employers will indicate which profiles appear to best align to their job requirements. At this point, The Last Planet will inform candidates that the potential employer is interested in their profile.

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This is the exciting new concept being introduced by The Last Planet job board. By simply getting others to join this job board, you have the potential to benefit from those individuals being placed into positions thru this job board.

Users who refer others directly (Direct Referrals) to sign up on The Last Planet job board will receive a payment of 1% of those users starting base salary when they are hired through an employer posting a job on The Last Planet. This is how you begin to build your Social Sphere™.

We refer to this as Orbit 1 of your Social Sphere™.
You are paid the 1% each and every time these candidates find jobs through the website It does not end there though, as the users whom you referred, sign up others, those users become sub Orbits of yours.

You can build out 5 Orbits, meaning you will receive a ½ of 1% payment for hires of referrals for orbits 2 through 5 from you. Meaning if a candidate that is indirectly connected to you 5 orbits away, gets hired by a company utilizing The Last Planet site, you would receive a ½ of 1% commission on their base pay. All commissions are predicated on new hires fulfilling the 90 day employment provision.

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